Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

During the summer, we were submerged in a thick blanket of smoke in California. Being evacuated alongside thousands of others as fire does its undeniable thing gives one a lot to chew on. Much is clear. Life, as it has been here, is over. We are into a whole other stage of climate uncertainty. To say that this is sobering doesn’t even come close to the sensation or the emotion. As songbirds die in their hundreds of thousands, as whole towns go up in smoke, as dreams are laid waste and the basics that nature has provided so bountifully are wiped away, we are left confronted by ourselves. We are the creators of this reality. What exactly are we going to do about it? That is the one question that overrides my exhaustion instantly. Inside me, a compass swings resolutely to my own true north and stays there unwaveringly. My body will not collude with my mind’s insistence that ‘it’s over’ because while human hearts still beat, it is not. Blue poison dart frog from Suriname. Photo by Rhett A. Butler for Mongabay. We are brilliant. We are loving. We have the capacity for vast compassion, creativity and growth. We long to serve, for our lives to have meaning and to experience the very best of ourselves at full stretch, nothing held back. Knowing that, there is everything to play for, because right now there is everything to lose and that cannot be the legacy that our children inherit. They…This article was originally published on Mongabay

Sourced from Conservation news