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The youth researcher Klaus Hurrelmann defends the Fridays for Future movement against the accusation of being self-centered. However, the activists around Greta Thunberg would have to take an important step in the corona crisis – otherwise they could become insignificant.

The youth researcher Klaus Hurrelmann protects the Fridays for Future movement of the “Generation Greta” against the charge of being related to the self. “According to our analysis, these committed young people are fighting vehemently to keep the planet worth living for their own generation,” said Hurrelmann to the Evangelical Press Service in Berlin: “But they do this – contrary to many prejudices from the older population – not for their own benefit, not I-related, but with a view to the political common good. They are expressly campaigning for older generations to join their activities to save the world.

Such a basic attitude of a young generation has not existed for a long time, said the youth researcher from the Hertie School in Berlin . The Swedish student and climate activist Greta Thunberg gave the decisive impetus for this behavior. The first major nationwide Fridays for Future climate strikes in Germany are celebrated on Sunday. In Berlin alone, more than 25,000 students demonstrated on March 29, 2019, led by Thunberg. Hurrelmann wrote a book with the journalist Erik Albrecht about the “Generation Greta”, which was published in March.

Hurrelmann sees one reason why the “post-millennials” are so unusually politically active in their considerably better professional perspective – unless the corona crisis leads to a long-lasting economic downturn. About a third of them are involved in climate protection and stir up the public debate. Under the guidance of Thunberg, they had founded Fridays for Future, one of the greatest post-war movements.

In the next few weeks, it will be shown whether the Corona crisis is sweeping away this environmental movement or whether the leaders who have acted so cleverly so far are able to make the connection between the climate crisis and the current health crisis, said Hurrelmann: “In both cases it is a question of one existential, invisible danger. ”

In the climate crisis, the young people with their “school strikes” had worked to shake up politics and to take account of the scientific knowledge available to deal with the crisis. This approach can be applied to overcoming the corona crisis. It is evident that the young people who are currently violating the restrictions on public contacts have “nothing, but nothing to do with Fridays for Future,” said Hurrelmann.

Is the Climate Change movement still relevant?

History is full of the Greta-examples. Every radical movement has its youth-wing. So does the radical environmental groups. Like the Hitler Youth, Mao’s Red Guards, the greens have their own version of radicalizing large sways of youth.

The increase of school boycott and the paranoia for Thunbergs version of what is a priority is superseded by the more critical coronavirus. Thunberg and her minions of adults are yet to realize the world does not center on the green version of Gretaland.

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